Love Yourself - Healthy Body 101

Most of us know the principles of a healthy lifestyle. Most of us read thousands of pages about the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables and about the importance of physical exercise to our health. We know all of this, but we don't seem to put it in practice.

Often, our health and wellbeing don't make it to our priorities list. That's because our body an still function; although maybe not at an optimal level We manage to draw new shares and tick off our list of daily to do's; still not aware that we are responsible for our health. We are still not aware that an unhealthy lifestyle can seriously affect our health.

Often we realize that we need to do something about health, but many times we are bombarded with information, some of it contradictory; and do not know exactly which way to run. In this case we need a specialist to guide us.

G & F Health Fitness developped the "Love Yourself" health coaching programs taking that aims to provide you with fundamental information, to raise awareness of the harm we do to ourselves, identify our needs and the right path to a healthy life and accompany you on this journey until your new lifestyle becomes a habit.

Love Yourself - Healthy Body 101

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